What is Refinancing?

Refinancing is the process by which a business can use their existing unencumbered assets such as vehicles, plant and machinery, to raise additional capital. 

Releasing capital tied up in fixed assets can help improve your cash flow and the stability of your business. Funds can be used to recover from bad debt, reduce bank overdrafts or other debts. The injection of working capital can help fund the expansion of your business, management buy ins/outs or allow you to purchase new assets.

How Refinance Works?

Refinance agreements can be provided on hire purchase or lease terms.

The asset is sold to Liberty for an amount reflecting its current market value. You will then have access to the capital released, in return for monthly payments over an agreed period of time.

Benefits of Refinance

  • Immediate Working Capital. This solution provides an immediate cash injection to stabilise your cash flow or give you access to much needed funds to support your growth plans.
  • Cash Flow. With repayments at a fixed monthly amount, you’ll know exactly what is coming out and when, allowing you to forecast your cash flow.
  • Purchasing Other Equipment. Raise funds by refinancing existing assets (or by offering them as additional security).
  • Depreciation. Refinancing unlocks cash tied up in your assets.

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Assets for sale

Ford Transit Connect 200 L1 1.5d Ecoblue 100ps 2018 (68)
Porsche Cayenne S 2.9T V6 440hp Tiptronic S 2020 (70)
BMW 1M Coupe 6spd Manual 2011 (11)
Audi RS4 4.2 Quattro 6spd Manual 2006 (06)
Audi RS5 Coupe 4.2FSI Quattro 450BHP 2013 (13)
Brewery Equipment

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